The Safeguarding Alliance drives a controlled, consistent standard for duty of care throughout the Independent Schools Network globally.

More than just a set of guidelines or policies our offer includes:

As occupationally and operationally competent, independent and quality assured safeguarding experts; our trainers support, mentor and guide individuals and organisations, enabling leaders, managers and practitioner teams to apply the latest best practice in their day-to-day activities.

The Safeguarding Alliance is one of the only organisations to offer a fully accredited qualifications in safeguarding and child protection to a Level 2 and 3. The Safeguarding Alliance have developed an independent school specific safeguarding qualification which runs parallel to the Independent School Standards.

The Safeguarding Alliance offers members and non-members training in:

  • UK and International Safeguarding and Child Protection Level 1, 2 and 3
  • Independant School Safeguarding training Level 2 and 3
  • Risk Management
  • Lock Down and Emergency Planning
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Positive Handling in educational settings
  • Health and Safety
  • Educational GDPR Compliance
  • Food Hygiene
  • First Aid

Whether you’re an Independent school in the UK, overseas, a private or state hospital or care home, a private sector teaching professional or an educational consultant starting out, membership with The Safeguarding Alliance will help drive and support safeguarding and Child Protection in an both a national and international context ensuring that best practice is implemented and understood in a wider contextual remit.  

With those who work with children and young people our membership was created to drive and deliver a consistently recognised standard, a ‘golden thread’ running through all aspects of practice to deliver a safe and secure environment within which children and young people can thrive.

Our membership exists to help you develop your safeguarding knowledge and expertise, expand your own professional network and keep you up-to-date and informed. We want to help you gain or maintain recognition as a current and actively engaged safeguarding Practitioner.

Our membership includes many benefits for both organisations and individuals including:

  • Regulatory and Legislative updates
  • Discounted rates on The Safeguarding Standard
  • Discounted rates on our ‘Safeguarding in Practice’ Handbook and other materials
  • Discounted conference and training rates
  • Telephone and email support
  • Discount on materials and consultancy
  • Access to template contracts, policies and procedures
  • Access to advice on governance and advisory board structures

Supporting both national and international schools and educational institutions working towards both the Independent Schools Standards, and all inspection frameworks, The Safeguarding Alliance supports the school to ensure that all best practices are evidenced parallel to the Independent School Standards (‘ISS’) and other inspection requirements. The Safeguarding Alliance holds extensive experience in both Ofsted, ISI, BSO, DSIB inspections.


The Safeguarding Alliance Standard is a quality mark awarded to organisations working with children and young people who have met and exceeded the 6 key elements ensuring that safeguarding best practice remains the golden thread of priority throughout in order to protect those in its care.

The key themes covered by the elements include:

  • Provision 

  • Practice 

  • People 

  • Premises 

  • Premises 

  • Power 


To find out how we could help your school or organisation, please contact us.

The Standard

Our quality mark is awarded to organisations working with children and young people. The Standard drives best practice to meet safeguarding excellence.

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16-18th October 2019, London

This event offers an insight into the benefits of the Safeguarding Standard, Q&A,  professional networking and sharing of best practice plus fully accredited Safeguarding training. For more information please contact us.


10th October 2019, London

Working in a class room group setting, you will learn how to how to act appropriately and confidently to safeguard children in your care.The expectation is that participants would have done some kind of previous or introductory on- line safeguarding/child protection training. To book your place please click here.